Four Years of Energy Management

Four Years of Energy Management

I am immensely proud to announce that Prestige Business Solutions is now officially four years old. Launching any new business is challenging and establishing Prestige as a leader in our field in the hospitality sector, and building our portfolio of clients, is something I am incredibly proud of. I don’t believe there are any other hospitality sector-focused energy consultancies in the UK, and this has helped establish us as the ‘go to’ agency for small to medium-sized restaurant and hotel chains.

We currently manage more than £3m annual spend on energy for our clients, and as we add new clients that figure is increasing. As I reflect on the past four years, and look to the next four with renewed excitement, I thought I would share with you some the questions I am frequently asked:

Is Prestige simply a utility broker?

No, the common misconception is that we are a utility comparison business like Compare the Market. With no disrespect to that business or many similar, that’s not what we do. We are an energy consultancy, providing clients with support in managing their electricity and gas supplies. We like to develop a proactive partnership with our clients to help them effectively develop a strategy for managing their energy requirements all year round.

Do you manage residential energy bills?

No, Prestige works exclusively with business clients, we do not handle any residential or personal energy tariffs. By specialising in the B2B market, working primarily with hotel and restaurant clients, we are able to focus our support on a target sector and ensure we offer our clients the best possible service.

Can you ensure my business pays less?

In many cases we can save clients money. But remember, energy prices are constantly rising so in many cases what we can help do is minimise the increases by putting an effective strategy in place to mitigate risk and manage the energy markets. We work to ensure our clients are always on the lowest or most effective tariff for their business or group. Our clients always pay the lowest rates we can secure, but that doesn’t always mean a saving.

Can you give me an example of a client you have helped?

Yes, we have been working with Maurice Abboudabi, Executive Director of K10 restaurants for the past year. With energy costs increasing as each new site was added to his portfolio of Japanese restaurants, it was not long before the company reached out for expertise to help manage this complex overhead. Maurice gave us a few words on the service received from Prestige:

‘I had been connected with Clare for some time on LinkedIn. As a fast-growing restaurant brand our focus had been very much on site acquisition and placing ourselves in the market, not on utilities. Prestige completed a review within a matter of a couple of weeks, generating a saving of well over £30k. More importantly we now have a long-term strategy in place, ensuring our energy is managed in the best way possible as we continue to grow.

Clare also works closely with our accountants and head of finance should any issues or queries arise. This allows us focus on the operations side of the business that affects customers, rather than on worrying about our energy bills. Clare has been very professional, and I highly recommend any restaurant groups to have their energy bills reviewed by Prestige. It has not cost anything up front and saved us thousands of pounds’.

I am excited to see how Prestige will develop over the next four years, and the opportunity to work with you. If you would like us to help your business please get in touch via