K10 restaurants - why we use Prestige!

K10 restaurants - why we use Prestige!

K10 restaurants are a fast growing restaurant brand in London. Being high consumers in energy it became apparent they would benefit from industry specialists managing this for them. K10 Executive Director, Maurice Abboudi, explains the benefit in using Prestige:

‘I had been connected with Clare for some time on LinkedIn. As a fast-growing restaurant brand our focus had been very much on site acquisition and placing ourselves in the market, not on utilities. Prestige completed a review within a matter of a couple of weeks, generating a saving of well over £30K. More importantly we now have a long-term strategy in place, ensuring our energy is managed in the best way possible as we continue to grow.

Clare also works closely with our accountants and head of finance should any issues or queries arise. This allowed us focus on the operations side of the business that affects customers, rather than on worrying about our energy bills. Clare has been very professional, and I highly recommend any restaurant groups to have their energy bills reviewed by Prestige. It has not cost anything up front and saved us thousands of pounds’.


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