New Legislation. Energy price hikes for businesses. Be prepared. Use Prestige.

New Legislation. Energy price hikes for businesses. Be prepared. Use Prestige.

Legislation always comes with incomprehensible (to the untrained eye) letters and numbers, the latest energy legislation examples are DCP228 and DCP161 which are now live! Fear not, Prestige are here and we can explain what those numbers and those letters mean when put together. We can then provide a recommended and strategic plan for your energy procurement to help you avoid paying price hikes. This service will help to ensure that this new, and already implemented, legislation does not create uncontrollably high bills for you and your business. Be prepared.

All energy suppliers will ultimately pass the additional costs, this new legislation brings, on to the consumer. Some pass-through contracts will illustrate the cost separately, but for fixed term contracts it will be built into the unit rates. The only real way to combat DCP228 and DCP161 is by managing your energy procurement strategically.

For example; DCP161 will effect half hourly (HH) consumers who breach their kVA/capacity allowance. This allowance is set by each distribution network, Prestige has seen some breaches result in bills charged at 3x normal kVA costs. Tripling this cost on your bills!!! If you have not analysed your kVA in the last 12 months it is time to act. Prestige can complete a full kVA analysis advising if you are breaching regularly and if so what you are able to do about it.

Action; Call upon Prestige to ensure that your data is monitored and analysed (historically and into the future), and to ensure a strategic program is planned to keep your costs down to a minimum.

Case study; In the last month, we have a case study for a restaurant chain where we have made savings of over £50,000 on annual energy bills.

The bigger your business the more opportunity there will be for Prestige to plan strategically and save you time and money.


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