Testimonial from Susan Metcalfe Property Management

Testimonial from Susan Metcalfe Property Management

It’s always nice to receive testimonials so we though we would share our latest one with you.

We helped Susan Metcalfe Residential Property management tidy up their energy portfolio, saving thousands of pounds and countless hours of administration!


‘I met Clare through the Kensington and Chelsea chamber of Commerce where I was quickly introduced to Prestige from a fellow member. Having a large portfolio of over 70 properties which we manage, energy has always been an extremely tedious and time consuming job.

We did briefly speak to a consultant previously but it got very messy and we never seemed to get anywhere so it soon fell to the wayside. Clare made it easy from start to finish. Apart from digging out the bills – which was a little painful – Prestige managed the rest. Clare came back to us with a strategy which we can now use across our portfolio as it grows, and has managed to tidy up our energy contracts quite painlessly!

We are now going through the switch overs and Clare is managing any issues which arise, along with ensuring all of our accounts are set up correctly – which has always been a nightmare! I am looking forward to no longer having to worry about this knowing it is in the safe hands of Prestige.’



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