Property Agents & Energy Consultants – a match made in heaven?…

Property Agents & Energy Consultants – a match made in heaven?…

Prestige work with an array of introducers, people and businesses who actively refer us to their clients as an extra value service.

Recently, we have seen a rise in the interest from property agents, especially in London. In a highly competitive sector, offering an added benefit to their client base can make all the difference, and of course only strengthens client relations.

With the hospitality sector, property agents are a must. They help you obtain the right site, for the right price, at the right time.  Sounds quite similar to our motto with energy contracts!

Since we have started working closely with a few prestigious agents in London, it has become clear that the partnership is quite simply, a match made in heaven!

When are businesses at their most vulnerable? At growth or start up, both of which are prime moments for energy suppliers to take advantage!

As soon as a new lease is signed, for any premises, the energy rates will go onto high out of contract prices. Many start ups, or indeed growing businesses acquiring new sites, will not consider this until they receive a first bill! Even less likely are they to incorporate a new site into an existing group strategy for the contractual purchasing.

At this point the supplier has the upper hand as they will generally offer a backdate, or at least an immediate go live date, but can of course inflate rates as they so wish. This is usually seen as the easiest option by the occupier and thus a contract is signed.

There is also the infrastructure side of things to think about. Restaurants in particular often acquire a new site only to find there is no gas mains, or the electricity needs upgrading to deliver the power required. In London, this can cause an awful lot of upheaval. The process is lengthy and costly.

Finding out energy infrastructure needs prior to a lease sign off can be highly beneficial, both in planning your launch date and for budgeting.

Both scenarios see an extreme benefit of the new occupier engaging with an energy consultant at the earliest possible opportunity. Who better to know the time frames of new leases being completed than the property agent themselves?!

If you are a property agent in London and see the significant benefit our services could add to your clients then get in touch today.