Partner Programme

Partner Programme:

Extra benefit, extra revenue

Partner Programme:

Extra benefit, extra revenue
Offer even further value to your clients
Prestige work closely with various organisations wanting to offer our invaluable energy expertise to their clients. We are actively looking to appoint partners across the UK to offer our energy procurement services to small and medium sized businesses in the hospitality sector.
We’re confident that by partnering with Prestige, you will add even more value to your existing service, whilst building an attractive, residual revenue stream for your business.
Every hospitality businesses is a potential customer and business opportunity.
Our Partner Offering
Why partner with Prestige?
> No expensive franchise costs to offer our services
> Gain competitive advantage by partnering with the industry leaders
> Increase client satisfaction from an added value offering
> Ensure your clients reduce wastage through expert guidance on energy procurement
> Help clients identify hidden profit to spend on other areas of their business 
> Mitigate potential risks your clients may unknowingly encounter
> Build extra residual income for your business – Prestige pay you 20% of all profit we make over the lifetime of your clients!
Contact us today to find out more!
If this sounds like something you would like to offer your clients/associates then get in touch today to find out more.

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Happy Customers

‘I am very happy to recommend Clare. She is an extremely professional and ambitious lady. I have gladly put her in contact with other senior managers as I feel her area of expertise is one that is often overlooked and can really help a business to make some savings. Clare will work hard to find the right avenue for your business’.

Kate Turner – Restaurant Operations Consultant
Seeds Consulting

‘I have worked alongside Clare from Prestige Business Solutions with a number of mutual clients. In each case I have found Clare to be very much “on the ball” and up to date with current trends in her area of expertise. I have worked with other energy procurement companies but I have not found any to be as personable nor as efficient as Clare. Clare is easily reached unlike some of the other companies, and more importantly offers sound advice which is in the best interest of her customers as opposed to the other way around. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services Prestige provides (and I often do) to any of my clients and I look forward to working on more projects together’

Nicholas Pratt – Managing Director
Secret Hotel Inspector

‘When Clare contacted us through LinkedIn we were initially skeptical. We had partnered with energy consultants before and it hadn’t worked due to poor communication and slow follow ups. After speaking a few times though, it became clear that Clare was very passionate about what she does and that a partnership could work. We have now started working closely together and we have been impressed with both how easy it is to get hold of Prestige, as well as their quick response times. We are looking forward to continuing and developing our mutually beneficial relationship for the future.’

Alex Brown – Managing Director
Crowd Purchasing