Avoid scorching summer energy bills

Avoid scorching summer energy bills

July 2018 looks like it maybreak temperature records for how warm it has been. Such a long period of sunshine is good for the spirits but not necessarily good for your energy bills. Too many companies still misunderstand the significance of their energy bills and assume the summer is the best time to negotiate new deals as their demand for energy is lower and therefore the prices will be lower. This ‘EasyJet-model’ of pricing isn’t accurate, and in fact the warmer months purchasing period has long since past! At Prestige we specialise in working with restaurants and hotels, where there is never a seasonal dip in demand! For example, in colder months energy (gas or electricity) is used to warm premises, and in the hotter months energy is used for cooling and air conditioning systems.

Can we save you money?

When we meet with a new client there is often an assumption that we will be able to reduce the business’s energy bills. In some cases we can, and we do, but in many cases what we offer is the ability to put an energy strategy in place that keeps energy overheads as low as possible (remember, energy prices have been rising constantly this year) and manageable.

One of our clients has a portfolio of businesses including 3 hotels, 2 cafes and a care home. Although each business is a separate limited company we were able to streamline the portfolio, offering a more appealing tender when going to market, whilst at the same time reducing the administrative burden across the business units. We have worked with this client for 3 years now and have helped maintain a cost effective energy strategy to keep the energy overheads low (or lower) and help the business remain sustainable. Get in touch to see if we can help you too.

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